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To create an interior environment the designer blends a creative vision with with a skill and understanding of the materials and designs necessary to realize that vision.

We believe that interior decoration should complement and be in tune with the clients lifestyle

Colours textures and furnishings control the mood of a room. With our experience we can help you achieve the right mood without costly errors, protecting your long term investment. Selecting the right colours, mixing the right textures, and obtaining the right furnishings can be a daunting and time consuming process.

We understand that this is your envoirnment and when making these important descisions is personal. We will work with you closely to provide the highest quality service to match your budget and palette. The Space Stylists offer a high quality and complete interior design service, creating individual and imaginative interiors.

We can transform a room or we can transform a house we can enhance the space you live in the option is yours.